Dransfield provides a complete bespoke service. Identify and present value, create competition, manage the deal, close.




Ribbon Hotel and Residences, Sydney

The highest value hotel sale ever in Australia exceeding $700m.

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NEXT Hotel Brisbane

304 room, retail, sale & leaseback, AUD 133m+

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Holiday Inn Townsville

Sale price well above valuation

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Australia 108

300 room, 5 star hotel - Off the plan

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Murray Street Perth, Land sale > AUD 40m

300 room, 4.5 star hotel scheme

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Magenta Shores Sale

Complex site summarized and explained with pre sale advice

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Eco Point Group 5 retreat resort assets 80m+

Management company and assets

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Oxford Koala

Redevelopment schemes with alternate uses unlocked 50% above valuation

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Diamond Beach Resort

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Dransfield Brokerage is a complete transaction service.

Assets sell through good management, not just innate quality.  To sell well vendors have to think like a buyer understanding different buyer profiles and processes.

Dransfield bring discipline to the three stage process to present and enhance assets, unlock value and reduce transaction risk. We focus on all three stages of a successfully executed transaction:

  • Stage 1 – Getting ready for market/Pre Sale Advice
  • Stage 2 – In the market
  • Stage 3 - Closing

Brokerage and Vendor Representation

More than just an introduction agent, Dransfield manage the entire process, sometimes in conjunction with a wider team including traditional real estate brokers.

Pre Sale Advice

Dransfield’s pre sale review answers the key value unlocking questions, prior to engaging with prospective purchasers. Talk to us before you go to market to understand your options.

Brokerage services include:

  • Realisation strategy
  • Developing and assessing alternative use/value adding schemes
  • Developing asset and operational restructuring options
  • Information memoranda and asset presentation
  • Dataroom management including producing and managing due diligence material
  • Bid and bidder evaluation
  • Bid negotiations

Total Transaction Management

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