Sebel Kiama


For a mortgage fund took over the entire asset management of a partly completed project from a delinquent borrower including:-

  • appointment of a liquidator
  • restructure of the management rights scheme
  • appointment of a new operator
  • completed building works
  • planning litigation
  • project marketing

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Healthlands Fitness Chain

For a provisional liquidator advised and then led the team to urgently realise 11 leasehold fitness clubs which formed the foundation for the now Fitness First chain including:-

  • presenting the assets to an international market within one week
  • negotiating with landlords
  • negotiating with preferred bidders to secure a complex sale within one week
  • $15 million sale price for leasehold assets which were significantly loss-making and would have to be closed within two weeks of appointment when $1 million in rent became due.

Port Douglas Resort

For a mortgage fund reviewed the status of a non-performing loan and developed an asset management plan including:-

  • works required to complete the resort
  • appointment of an operator
  • exit strategy
  • business operations strategy

Indigenous Business Australia

IBA is a Commonwealth statutory authority which owns a significant portfolio of tourism assets across Australia, many of which have minority interests held by Indigenous partners.  In addition to generating a financial return, the assets also importantly provide opportunities for Indigenous employment, training and procurement.

Dransfield were initially retained by IBA to review the performance of the portfolio and to identify key value drivers/detractors.  This subsequently progressed into the development of a long term Tourism Portfolio Asset Management Strategy and assistance with its implementation.

In an earlier life as a registered liquidator some roles included:-

  • Managed and sold the 1,000+ rooms, 10 assets, Greetings Group Ltd
  • Managed and sold Resort Hotel Leura
  • $300m hotel and property group successful work out over three years
  • Managed and sold 200 room CBD Hotel
  • Investigating accountants reports on over 20 resorts and hotels

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