Understand your position and act

Managing through the current health and economic crisis requires four key steps. Understanding your current position, anticipating what might happen to your business, more than likely significantly changing course, and taking your stakeholders on the journey.  

Dransfield have developed a series of crisis tools to help you evaluate the likely short and medium term financial position of your hotel to structure appropriate crisis resolution actions

The tools are based on the extensive analysis and forecasting tools we utilise in our usual project work. We have modified them to be able to quickly undertake situation specific advice on multiple scenarios. Information is key to taking stakeholders on the journey

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Dransfield Forecasts

Dransfield has commenced releasing its Hotel Futures 2020 - COVID-19 Update Series, which reviews and forecasts the outlook for the ten major hotel markets in Australia.  Register now to receive our free publications upon release. Click Here

Forecasting amidst this uncertain and unprecedented environment has certainly thrown up some unique challenges. 

The short and longer term impact of COVID-19 has required a different, more granular approach to deal with the downturn and a staggered recovery period which is likely to vary significantly between the cities. 

Whilst there remains a high level of uncertainty as to how things will pan out, it’s best to make a reasonable estimate and have a plan for your business.

Individual hotels will however perform more divergently to the market than pre COVID-19.  Dransfield have developed site specific forecasting tools at both the revenue and net earnings after interest levels, to deal with this very unusual environment.  We can quickly prepare independent bespoke analysis to assist with cashflow management and debt servicing considerations.  Please contact us for more information. 



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How can Dransfield help you

Each stakeholder requires advice tailored to their interest in the asset, situation and needs. Dransfield have experience acting with a full range of industry participants including Owners, Financiers, Developers, Operators and Intermediaries to address their specific requirements.

We have industry expertise in a range of crisis relevant fields, including:

  • Hotel operating re-forecast: short, medium and long term impacts
  • Detailed analysis of alternate scenarios
  • Cost rationalisation opportunities
  • Facilitation of discussions with the asset owners, operators and/or financiers
  • Valuation review & impact on long-term valuation
  • Development scheme review and feasibility impacts
  • Management Agreement and finance structure reviews
  • Intense asset management

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