Established in 1993, our experience includes acting as principals and advisors for a wide range of hotel and resort assets.

Experience ranges from backpacker to 5 star, city hotels and regional resorts, single and multi-site operations.  

Dransfield have been involved in over 600 hotel and resort enterprises comprising more than 65,000 rooms and numerous food and beverage outlets.

Dransfield’s resources and experience enables us to provide a wider range of complementary specialist services than many traditional advisory firms. 

Services include independent expert reports, development management, day to day operations and marketing programs.

Our team’s experience and training ranges from accounting and finance to property development and asset management. 

Dransfield’s experience enables a broader view that ensures all elements of a project and its lifecycle are considered. This approach is forward looking. Dransfield often share the risk or co-invest with our clients to better align our interests and ensure that any advice or strategy is effective, practical and executable.

Dransfield’s structure and skillset enables us to effectively communicate with all stakeholders and add value at each stage of an assets lifecycle. Our resources and project management skills are diverse and we have undertaken many large and complex projects in both the public and private sectors.

We are often asked to implement our advice and recommendations.

Dransfield Shared Ownership was established in 2010 to provide an independent management and advice platform for this new form of holiday ownership. 

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